Journal of Information Architecture

The Journal of Information Architecture is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal bridging academia and practice. Its aim is to facilitate the systematic development of the scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture.
The Journal is published biannually in English and the current issues is Fall 2021, Issue 2 Volume 6. Submissions are open for the Spring – Fall 2022 issue.

Fall 2021 — Volume 6 Issue 2, Reflections


In the beginning, we digitized. We turned analog artifacts into digital artifacts. Letters for example, or ledgers. And music, of course. Then, our current reading goes, we started “digit-al-izing”, a different thing altogether: we applied digitization to the larger processes. In the 1980s, digitalization was already underway in a number of industries but, as usual, the future was not evenly distributed.

Archives — Andrew Hinton’s The Machineries of Context


The article reframes Information Architecture as designing context in the digital layer, contending that IA has always been less about organizing information than about designing architecture for a new kind of contextual space. It explores how a global network of user-created hyperlinks has changed how we experience context, and how IA practice emerged to contend with this change. In addition, the essay proposes that IA study and practice develop tools and methods that improve our understanding and methods for solving the increasingly complex design challenges brought about by this new contextual reality