Open Call for Papers

The Journal of Information Architecture is inviting contributions for upcoming issues. Please submit drafts, abstracts, or complete articles to

If accepted, proposals will undergo the Journal's peer-review process and published on the nearest upcoming issue.
Indicatively, proposals received and accepted between October 1st and March 31st will be published in the Spring Issue, usually due at the end of June; proposals received and accepted between April 1st and September 30th will be published in the Fall issue due at the end of December.

The journal focuses on information architecture research and development in all types of shared information environments, such as for example social networks,web sites, intranets, mobile, and Rich Internet Applications, from different perspectives, such as for example technical, cultural, social, and communicational.

The journal publishes original papers; original research already published by other journals, but rewritten with a clearer focus on information architecture or for the purpose of demonstrating its relevance to information architecture; systematic bibliographies and recognition works in the field of information architecture; useful case studies; students' papers on information architecture-related projects.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical foundations of information architecture;
  • Pervasive information architecture;
  • History of information architecture;
  • Information architecture techniques and best practices; card sorting; freelisting;
  • Way-finding in digital environments; human information seeking; human information interaction; navigation and navigation behaviors; findability;
  • Labeling and representation in digital environments;
  • Organization of information; pace layering; taxonomies; folksonomies; collaborative tagging;
  • Social media; social computing; social networks;
  • Information architecture and digital genres;
  • Information architecture development in organizations, in communities, in society, globally;
  • The role of information architecture in information systems development;
  • The value of information architecture for organizations;
  • The impact of information architecture in organizational information policy and information strategy;
  • Multilingual, multicultural information architecture; global information architecture;
  • Information architecture design and evaluation for various applications in business, managerial, organizational, educational, social, cultural, and other domains;
  • The impact of information, information architecture or information technology on people's attitude, behavior, performance, perception, and productivity;
  • Information architecture education.

Visit for more information about length, format, and style. Address further inquiries concerning manuscripts, and submissions to the Editors at All submitted contributions will undergo a blind peer-review process.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.


Call for Papers

The Journal is accepting submissions for upcoming issues.


The Authors Guidelines are currently being reviewed for publication.

Peer Review Process

The Journal of Information Architecture employs multiple reviewers for single blind review, in which referees remain anonymous for the author throughout the process. Through the peer review, the journal strives to ensure that only sound scientific or professional contributions are published as well as to grant a fair procedure for all submission.

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